About Smali Investments

The SMALI Investments & Consulting, (SMALI), is a constructive approach to the severe investment and business development challenges facing most companies in Ghana. SMALI provides, investment advice, training, consulting and business advisory services, primarily in the private sector in the areas of skills development, human capacity development, sourcing of funds and institutional re-engineering to enhance their competiveness, productivity and quality delivery for sustainable development. Our services cover key sectors such as financial services, real estate, agribusiness and value chain development; environment, renewable energy development services, business development and investment advisory services.

SMALI is also committed to building human and institutional capacities in sectors such as agriculture, environment and resource development to stimulate socio-economic development and the provision of business development and investment services for the development of small and medium scale enterprises.

These incredible feats by SMALI have been through partnerships with Divine International Consultancy Services LLC, as well as the African Centre for Enterprise Development, Government and Government Agencies in Ghana, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and the private sector. Some of these organisations are the African Green Energy (AGE), 3H Technologies Limited, Heritage Business Services, JAZA Development and Management Consult, Legacy Agriculture and Development Services (LADS) among others. At the moment our partnership has led to the formation and training of over two thousand (2,000) members of FBOs in the Northern Savannah Ecological Zone (NSEZ) who are involved in the production of maize, soybean, small ruminants and more.